With the economy showing recent signs of recovery, there is a renewed emphasis in demonstrating that marketing investments can translate into profitable growth. But it's a new world with new rules and with intensified scrutiny over expenditures. The challenges we face in marketing measurement today are not limited to improving our marketing mix models, to assessing returns to marketing, or to examining the right metrics, but creating the right combination of analytics, research, and business case-based findings to guide both strategy and implementation in more effective and efficient ways. At the same time, the rise of new channels, such as the Internet and mobile communication, and the increasing importance of word-of-mouth and sponsorship, make marketing resource allocation decisions much more complex. Both marketing and finance executives are under incredible pressure to make every dollar count. Marketing activity currently represents at least ten percent of the U.S. economy. This is well over a trillion dollars a year and as such it is imperative to develop an improved understanding of the role of product-market based assets, such as brand equity, customer equity, and channel equity, as well as those of marketing actions, such as innovation, advertising, and pricing, in driving financial performance and shareholder value.

This conference, "Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street II: Emerging Perspectives from Academics and Practitioners", is intended to bring together academics, scholars and practitioners at Boston University’s School of Management to address these important issues. This is the second edition of this conference, building on the inaugural conference that was held at Emory University in January 2009. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a setting for academic researchers interested in linking marketing to finance to meet and discuss new research in this area, exchange ideas, and engage in collaborative work. The specific objectives of the conference are two-fold. First, the conference will help move this area of marketing-finance forward, and further encourage research in this domain. Second, by bringing together academics and practitioners in this arena, our goal is to identify emerging topics for research in this area and to provide new insights in the area of assessing the value of marketing on firm performance.

To this end, we intend to have sessions featuring leading academics and practitioners in marketing and finance presenting their latest research/insights connecting marketing actions with financial performance and firm value. Here are some key highlights of this conference:

  • By bringing together and encouraging a dialogue among academics and practitioners, we hope to help strengthen the bridges between marketing academics and practitioners in the practice, teaching, and the study of marketing and firm value. By having a mix of practitioners and researchers in all sessions, we further hope to actively promote cross-fertilization of ideas across these two groups.
  • This conference will shed light on some newly emerging areas within the realm of linking marketing to finance. First, the new media and channels (especially social and mobile) have been game-changing for both businesses and consumers. While most companies are participating in social media efforts, few are measuring the ROI of such efforts. Second, there is a need to integrate metrics from various sources, e.g., online metrics such as those from blogs and social media with offline metrics, customer mindset metrics with behavioral outcome based metrics, etc. to obtain better insights by creating a synergistic view of marketing efforts. Third, understanding the role of customer engagement is rapidly gaining support among marketers and media buyers as a critical measurement of customer value and brand strength, and this in turn has implications for firm performance. The conference will feature sessions on such newly emerging areas of interest.
May 12 – 14, 2011
Boston University School of Management, Executive Leadership Center
595 Commonwealth Avenue, 4th floor, Boston, MA 02215
Conference Host:
Shuba Srinivasan
Associate Professor/Dean’s Research Fellow
Boston University School of Management, Marketing Department

If you have questions, please contact Carol Waldvogel or phone 617-353-4248.

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