The Executive Leadership Center



"Excellent! One of the best I have attended and I go to a number of conferences on social activism/entrepreneurship."
ForSE 2007: Forum for Social Entrepreneurs

"Excellent scope, terrific speakers throughout the conference. Of the top 15 [people] in the world on the topics that were covered, your program included 11 of them, or else they were in the audience. That is a remarkable collection of thoughtful and informed people."
D. Babbel, Professor of Finance and Insurance
Wharton School University of Pensylvania
Future of Life-cycle Saving & Investing

"We should continue this set of interactions. This group has the potential to make a difference, especially as we focus more and more on the practical and concrete."
J.Fuhrer, President and Director of Research
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Future of Life-cycle Saving & Investing

"Your faculties, staff, and amenities were spectacular. Thank you very much. As someone who completed an MBA/JD program over 30 years ago . I wish I had such interactive presentations back then. I took advantage of it by interjecting my thoughts and questions throughout."
Mini MBA: What You Didn't Learn at Law School


"Our decision to team with Boston University to build and deliver a critical sales education
offering was a simple one. From the start, BU's academic team focused on designing the right event to meet our needs...We value this relationship with Boston University and hope it will continue in other endeavors."
Sandra Enoch
Global Profession Leader
Territory Sales Profession

"Cardinal Health selected the Executive Leadership Center within BU's School of Management because of its high caliber faculty and commitment to furthering the education of professionals. The prestigious faculty offers participants a perspective that, while applicable to the profession of pharmacy, reaches far beyond pharmacy practice."
James M. Hethcox, MS
Vice President Pharmacy Practice
Cardinal Health

"This has been an investment in our future, not only as individual pharmacy directors, but collectively as pharmacy administrators. I found that the value of my experience was expertly coordinated by our team of superb professors, as well as by the meeting and exchanging of ideas. As we re-enter our professional surroundings with this enlightened knowledge, I'll remember to broaden our professional repertoire with the tools and insights learned here, as well as the leadership network I have acquired by attending this program."
Amy Gutierrez
Interim Pharmacy Director
Clinical Affairs
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services


"It is really helping me feel more comfortable with the accounting materials. I've been struggling with accounting and now I feel so much better. Thank you all so much."
Accounting and Finance for the Non-Financial Executive

"This was a great program to me and a strategic element of my career strategy. It unleashed lot of information in small amount of time. I would recommend this to my peers for sure."
CIO Pocket MBA

"Great program. It was a big picture of financial - accountancy - strategy company stuff. I'm sad that it is over. I wish it lasted longer."
Claudia Marchetti
Mediation Works Incorporated (MWI)
Pocket MBA for Lawyers

"Very interesting. Extremely valuable. This activity will help establish a QA and business curriculum in our residency program."
J. Petros, Physician
Boston Medical Center
Pocket MBA for Physicians

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